Management of Ancient & Veteran Trees

Veteran trees are extremely important to our ecological diversity; supporting and feeding the vast array of wildlife that rely on them. They are also important to our cultural and historical heritage, reminding us of our ancestry and deepening our appreciation of and care for the land we live on.

As a tree reaches the Veteran stages of maturity, it’s important that we treat them sensitively – with a focus on conservation rather than aesthetics.

There are various options available for the careful management of these Ancient marvels: Staged reductions, over extended intervals, to decrease crown instability and ease the Old Timer gently into relaxed retirement without too much shock.

Mulching, to ease soil compaction and protect the root plate. Halo clearance, to create breathing space around the crown if contained within a woodland canopy. Encouraging and managing decay habitats. These amongst other strategies of care.

If you have an Ancient One on your property and you would like management advice, we would be excited to visit. Contact us here.

The Ancient and majestic Bushy Coombe Lime tree of Glastonbury, Somerset.