Felling/dismantling Operations

Occasionally, there is a need for a tree surgeon to remove a tree. This could be because the tree has become dangerous, due to age or disease or because it’s in conflict with the environment it has grown in – i.e proximity to buildings, amenities or utilities.

It can be sad to see a tree removed, but if it must be done, it should be done safely and efficiently.

Our climbing and ground team are skilled in technical felling, dismantling and rigging procedures – and where necessary, using state of the art and HSE certified rigging and lowering apparatus, they will ensure that a tree can be dismantled or felled safely and steadily without threat to public or property.

We can also arrange for any unwanted stumps to be removed – either completely or to below ground level.

When possible, we will always encourage clients to choose a suitable species and a suitable spot for replanting – allowing new trees to grow without disturbance into their full form, for the benefit of our future generations and environment.

Specialist felling and dismantling kit

Where necessary, we use specialist equipment for careful rigging and lowering, to ensure protection and safety to both public and property.