Woodland Management and Landscaping

People are more and more aware of the need for wild space; at the same time, our woods need constant management to help them thrive, to promote an ecology which include trees, flora, fungi and fauna.

Much change to our native woodland has happened since the last Ice Age; Neolithic farmers cleared great swathes of land for settlements and agriculture, and since then there has been greater human intervention with every passing generation, leading us to where we are now – tattered remnants of some royal hunting forests, some ancient woodland, and much managed woodland, mostly for timber, but occasionally for woodland livestock.

As a result of this, the biodiversity of our woodlands reflects this constant management, with differing species of flora and fauna thriving in different types of woodland. Here in Mells, for example, our woodland environment provides the perfect habitat for 12% of the UK’s Greater Horseshoe Bat population.

And the task that falls to us as a result of what we detail above is to manage and, where appropriate, restore our woodland, to plant more of it, and to bring more people into it. Studies show that being amongst trees is good for us! As a company, this is where our heart is, this is at the Roots of what we do – helping people to get the best from all that our trees and woodland can offer, in a healthy and creative way.


In this light, here are some of the services we offer:

  • Identifying your woodland type: the flora and fauna species within it.
  • Creating a management plan, with tasks and schedules.
  • Showing you how to encourage biodiversity, production and personal enjoyment.
  • Creative Landscaping: Make your woodland a joyous place to be. We can safely design and create non-invasive walkways, swings, rope walks and tree-houses for children of all ages!
  • Clearance of unwanted Conifer plantation, to promote regeneration of native species.
  • Thinning and extracting: Identifying the right trees to remove, so that the right trees can thrive. Whilst creating and extracting timber for product – whether for firewood or artisan purposes.
  • Managing the understory: Clearing invasive species. Selective and conscientious management of bracken, bramble and ivy – to avoid dominance but promote natural ecology.

To summarise – we can manage your woodland so that it’s productive, wildlife thrives and you enjoy being in it.

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Amanita muscaria

The mascot of myth and legend. Amanita mascara (Fly Argaric). Essential ‘mychorizzal’ fungi woodland friend of Birch (Betula), Pine (Pinus) and Norway Spruce (Picea babies).