Air Spading

An Essential Tool in Organic Care Is a Pneumatic Device Called The 'Air Spade'

We use a specialist tool to access root systems. An Air Spade is a pneumatic device that ensures organic care by utilising compressed air to safely and efficiently break up difficult soil around tree roots.

The Air Spade works much more quickly than conventional digging and it eliminates the danger of damaging tree roots or utility lines.


ARB Approved Shield TM P341 Trans med

Tree Root Protection

An arborist may want to access root systems for a number of reasons: to check for root rot beneath the surface, break up compacted soil that has been preventing nutrient and water flow to the roots, and to diagnose and remediate other root-based issues. 

In the past this has been an incredibly laborious and costly process due to the sheer amount of physical digging involved to expose buried roots, just for a diagnosis.  This is where the Air Spade becomes an invaluable tool in caring for established trees.
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A stunning veteran tree in a forest, Air Spading is the best root care method for this magical specimen

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